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Spine Surgeon for Sciatica Pain on Long Island
September 28, 2017
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Spine Care in Huntington Station

Are you living in the Huntington Station area and experiencing spine, neck or back pain? Here at Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island our experienced surgeons and doctors provide comprehensive care to patients with back and neck disorders covering the entire Long Island area.

To understand the importance of spinal health, you must first understand the two major functions of the spine. It serves to keep the body upright and balanced and also protects the central nervous system. The central nervous system is able to facilitate communication between the body and the brain at an efficient rate when the spinal column is in proper alignment.

Your spine is arguably one of your most important body parts if it is injured your mobility is limited. A damaged spinal cord can disrupt neural responses from the nervous system that allows us to feel sensations, in result, disabling these sensations in parts of your body.

There are many causes of spinal problems, some factors include:

There are also many ways to take care of your spine and prevent spinal injury. You can practice these in your everyday life. Some include:

  • Making exercise a lifestyle
  • Engaging in mindful meditation
  • Re-evaluating your sitting posture
  • Going for a walk to help support your spine
  • Using heat therapy to soothe your pain
  • Maintaining good nutrition
  • Exercising in the water
  • Lifting correctly
  • Massage therapy

Even if you take great care of your spine and body, you may still experience neck, back or spine pain. We understand how important spine care is, and how injuries can greatly impact your quality of life. If you have any questions about spine care or want to set up an appointment contact us today at 631-847-0200.

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