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Growing Older With Osteoarthritis
December 15, 2017
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Herniated Disc Treatment
January 22, 2018
Non-surgical management of common orthopedic issues at Orthopedic Spine Care of LI

In addition to providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art spine care, we also specialize in the non-surgical management of common orthopedic issues such as hip and knee pain stemming from degenerative joint disease.

It is important to note that joint pain/disease can often mimic pain that would come from the neck or low back. There is no substitute for a comprehensive exam by a trained professional to evaluate for all possible pain generators.

Mrs. B came to our office with severe back and groin pain. She was told by another physician that her hip was “fine” and to seek a spine specialist for an epidural steroid injection. No relief was afforded with an epidural injection and we looked elsewhere, revisiting the left hip.

A fresh X-Ray revealed severe degenerative disease/osteoarthritis of the left hip*. Mrs. B underwent a fluoroscopically-guided steroid injection into whatever minuscule joint space remained. She noted almost immediate pain relief and left the office walking noticeably better.

Suffering from a pain that doesn’t seem to make sense? Another professional opinion is never a bad thing. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained team is here for you.

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