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October 13, 2017
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November 27, 2017

Living with your scoliosis

The curvature of the spine, commonly known as scoliosis, develops in the early stages of life and unfortunately not much is known about the disorder. What most doctors can confirm is that the condition typically appears during the growth spurt stage, just before puberty, with the potential to get worse as one ages. Typical cases of scoliosis can range from mild to severe, but living life with the debility can become exceedingly distressful. If you are looking to pursue scoliosis treatment on Long Island, consider visiting Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island for treatment and consultation. Orthopedic Spine Care can also recommend these countermeasures for the degenerative spinal disorder:


X-Rays – Even though Scoliosis can be tough to manage, orthopedic spine surgeons have the ability to monitor the condition of your spine with the use of x-rays. Periodic imaging allows the physician to track the curve. If a situation were to arise where the curvature has suddenly become more severe, your physician will hopefully catch the initial changes and potentially take further action.


Braces – If the condition of the spine has become moderate, your orthopedic spine surgeon may suggest regularly using a brace, so long as the patient is a child and is still growing. Most braces can be customized so that they are capable of conforming to the changes in the patient’s body. Unfortunately, braces will not cure scoliosis, but it may prevent advancement of the curve. In most cases, your orthopedic spine surgeon will urge you to wear the brace 24 hours a day, but it can be removed for physical activity. Once a child has finished growing, it is recommended that the brace be removed permanently. For scoliosis treatment on Long Island, Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island can prescribe a brace that will fit your needs.  


SurgerySevere cases of scoliosis can potentially become unbearable, causing pain and breathing restrictions. If that is the case, then your orthopedic spine surgeon may suggest surgical treatment. Scoliosis surgery will likely reduce the harshness of the curve and even prevent it from getting worse. One of the more common surgeries for scoliosis treatment is spinal fusion. During this surgery, surgeons will connect two or more bones in the spine together, so that they cannot move individually. Metal rods and other substitutes can also be placed within the spinal area in order to keep the bones sturdy as they fuse together.


If you live on Long Island and need scoliosis treatment, contact Orthopedic Spinecare today at (631) 847-0200.


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